How To Really Respond To A Girl

In game and pickup (which I’ll be getting more into in future posts), there is something commonly referred to as a “shit test”.  A shit test is defined as something a girl asks a guy during meeting (or further down the road, as well), to see what the response will be.  These are the questions guys dread.

  • “Have I gained weight?”
  • “Aren’t you excited to see my parents?”
  • “Tell me about your ex.”
Don't back down.

Don’t back down.

You get where I’m going.  With that being said, I’m going to go through some common questions girls ask, what you should say, and what you SHOULDN’T say.

What do you do for a living?

Wrong answer: Accountant, engineer, finance, janitor, <insert other boring, “normal” job>

Right answer: Professional princess (my personal trademark), stripper, drug dealer, Mama’s boy

BONUS: Tell her you’re unemployed and continue on.

What are you thinking right now? (often after sex)

Wrong answer: You, your beauty, “us”, etc

Right answer: Ignore it.

BONUS: “A delicious sandwich that you’re going to make me.  See, you are good for more than sex!”

How many girls are you seeing right now?

Wrong answer: Zero, or the actual number you are.  If you say zero she’ll think you’re not attractive to other girls, and possibly lose some interest

Right answer: “You’re the 75th date I’ve been on this week, but I think I’m still up for sex, don’t worry.”

BONUS: Tell her the real number, but OWN it.  Do not apologize, hold your ground.

Why should I give you my number?

Wrong answer: “Because I’m nice, I own a home, I have a nice car, and I have a lot going for me.”

Right answer: “Because I said so.”

BONUS: While smirking…”You shouldn’t.  I’m trouble.”  Hand her your phone at the same time.

We’re not having sex tonight.

Wrong answer: Anything logical.

Right answer: “Whoa slow down there tiger…”

BONUS: “I’m not that easy, you’re going to have to buy me a lot more drinks if you want to get me into bed.”

Do you want to buy me a drink?

Wrong answer: “I’d love to!”

Right answer: “No, but you can buy me one.”

BONUS: I want a suga mama and you’re proving to be worthless for that.

Do you have a blog where you write about girls and dating?

Wrong answer: NO

Right answer: NO NO NO


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