Poor schmuck in line at Chiptotle.

I’m standing in line at Chiptotle, the delicious smell of salsa, marinaded chicken/steak, and burritos wafting through the air.  I haven’t eaten in close to six hours; which is a lot for me.  I’m cranky when I’m hungry.  There is an Indian couple and their young daughter in front of me in line.  I groan to myself.  I can already predict what is going to happen: they will be rude, demanding, yet incredibly slow in line.  They will likely try to bargain the price of their meal.  Most importantly, they’re going to make me wait longer to begin consuming my food.  I know, I’m such an American.  Time is of the essence!

In a span of two minutes, this 5’4″ Indian man and his demanding wife made the following demands:

  1. Insisted on having fresh rice, and made them bring out a new container of it.
  2. Extra beans
  3. Got two different types of salsa, and then made them put another type on.
  4. After already wrapping it up, the wife insisted on more sour cream.
  5. Demanded a “side” of rice and sour cream for their daughter.
  6. When told it would be .80, they demanded it be free.  Yes…EIGHTY CENTS.  You read that correctly.
  7. Upon learning it would not be free, they said forget it and huffed off.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not fond of Indians at all.  I work with them everyday in my job and they are consistently the most demanding, rude, smart-ass clients I work with.  It’s not even close.  However, this is so incredibly rude of them that it’s no wonder the vast majority of people I know feel the same way.

The worst part is that, in Indian culture, I *believe* the man is the one who generally speaks in public.  It was hilarious to watch this wife bully her husband with her eyes demanding all of these extras.  Poor guy has an Americanized Indian wife.  Talk about an FML situation.  He was your stereotypical computer nerd: ill-fitting jeans, belly, New Balance crosstrainers, dorky polo shirt, and a nagging wife.  Think Steve Carrell in Crazy, Stupid Love pre-makeover.

Of course, he wasn’t paying attention over at the fork/napkin area as I was moving in to grab some utensils.  He ran into me, and I put a little shoulder into it.  He immediately apologized to ME.  Come on man, don’t be such a beta!

I was looking for a “cheap” Indian meme; but this one was just too funny.

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