Respecting A Girl After Sex On The First Date

I just can’t do it.

I should probably sleeping with girls on the first date so that maybe I can give myself a chance to build something with a cool girl.  At the same time though, why should that stop me, if given the chance?  If she gives it up to me on the first date, there’s a good chance I’m not the first time that has happened.  My mindset is that I might as well push as hard, escalate, and run my normal game and see what happens.  If she shuts me down, I’ll have a deeper respect for her, because I’ll know that she values herself.  If she respects herself, it helps me respect her.  At the same time though, I’m simply unwilling to wait too long to have sex with a girl simply because there is no point.  I have no desire to go out with a dozen dates with a girl only to find out she’s terrible in bed.  I think if a girl made me wait 3-5 dates, I would be okay with it (granted, she’d have to be pretty damn cool).  However, we would need to be moving in the direction of intimacy.

To think about this and put it in some context, I thought of the last 10 girls I’ve slept with.  Below are the numbers, how long it took to bed them, what we did, and how I felt about them after…

  1. We went on one date.  It was mediocre.  A few days later we were both drunk.  I took a cab to her place and we had sloppy drunk sex.  Never spoke to her again.
  2. First date after two beers.  We went out a couple more times cause she was cool.  She was also bi-polar and an alcoholic…never called her after our third date.
  3. First date after no alcohol consumption.  Never spoke again.
  4. First date, no alcohol.  She was a cool girl and I’ve written about her before.  I wish she had made me wait.
  5. Blowjob on the first date, sex on the second.  Would’ve been on the first if not for bad timing.  We had no chemistry beyond the bedroom.
  6. First date.  In a park.  She liked it when I choked her.  Thought she was kinda ditzy.
  7. Shut me down on the first date.  Banged the second.  Still seeing her.
  8. First date in the car.  Still seeing her.  Not relationship material.
  9. First date.  Don’t respect her.
  10. First date.  Anal.  No respect.

So, as you can see, I don’t really respect the ones that do put out on the first date.  I think it bothers me, too, when they’re so into being spanked, choked, and doing filthy things with me right off the bat.  I guess I want to meet a nice girl, who, when I have sex with her for the first time, is a little embarrassed, and isn’t  calling me Daddy and asking me to do filthy things to her.  Someone who is, dare I say…modest?

A guy can hope.

21 responses to “Respecting A Girl After Sex On The First Date

  1. In a weird kind of a way, I believe that this was a really helpful blog post to all women. It starts to get them in the mind set of a man and what a man thinks after he hits after the first date. I myself am a woman and I believe that sharing your experiences with other women you have bed, is a learning tool for women to keep it in their pants until a real, serious, committed relationship has taken place. Thank you! 🙂

    • Wait no! That’s not what I’m advocating. Well, it depends what kind of guy you want. If you want a “nice” guy…yeah, you can probably hold out for a while.

      Guys like me don’t wait though. I wouldn’t get into a relationship with a girl without having sex with her first.

      • I have a question. Why does your date have to wait for sex, but not you?? Do you initiate sex to test how long she will wait?

    • I’m a guy. I go after what I want, and I want sex. Plus, I know that she, as a girl, will never initiate the first sex. Men have to pursue.

      In a way though, yes, it is a test. If she gives it up immediately, I will lose respect and take her less seriously as far as a long-term relationship. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

      • Have you ever stopped to consider that when women (WOMEN, not girls, as you insist on calling us) sleep with a man on the first date, it’s because we don’t like them much anyway and ALREADY didn’t respect them? It works both ways.

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  8. You still sleep with a guy if you don’t like or respect them? Sounds more like you don’t like or respect yourself. It does not work both ways.

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