Biologically, does bachlorETTE hood = happiness?

Prompted by comments on this post, I’ve decided to write in a little more detail regarding young women that are choosing to postpone, or indefinitely put off, the whole marriage and motherhood deal.  With the feminist movement, careers and single life have become far more obtainable for a woman in today’s society, as opposed to former generations, where a woman’s best chance of survival involved marrying young and starting to pop out babies.  Nowadays, I would say it’s almost more difficult to get a young woman to commit to a man than vice versa – it seems all girls are, “trying to discover themselves,” or “just having fun for now.”  The question is, when does the fun end?

Now, I understand where they’re coming from.  If I had been dealt the hand of having a vagina and boobs, I’d be milking it (no pun intended ;)) for all that it was worth.  From the time that teens enter puberty (middle school), the girls have absolute sexual power over the boys.  And they know it.  Anyone who says otherwise is simply kidding themselves.  In general, the pussy holds more power than the penis.  Eggs are worth more than sperm.  Boys fawn over girls, buy them things, jet them on romantic getaways, all with the intentions of trying to stick their penis into the girl’s pussy.  Is that a crude way to look at love and relationships?  Yep.  Biologically though, isn’t that what humans exist for?  To fuck and procreate?

With that being said, that would mean a woman’s biological impulse and existence, at it’s core, is to find a mate and produce offspring.  Let’s not give ourselves too much credit; we’re really not that much more evolved than monkeys.  A male’s biological existence can be described as trying to pass on his genes, in as many different women as possible.  Now, I’m not trying to justify my own slutty pursuits.  Once again, look at monkeys.  I’m a member at one of the largest zoo’s in the US, and one of my favorite exhibits is the gorillas.  This exhibit includes one badass alpha male gorilla and roughly 5 females.  There is no question who the leader is.  He likely impregnates all of them.

The question then is, if biologically this is how things are, can females possibly be happy with NOT finding a mate and NOT producing offspring?  I tend to think not.  The single life of the American woman is great until she begins to age un-gracefully. 

What happens then, after she’s been used as a cum dumpster for dozens and dozens of cocks?  Nobody but homeless bums on the street want the discarded leftovers that nobody else at the table wanted to eat; this is the same concept.  While a girl maybe enjoy the single life until she reaches this point, I invite you to do some research on how unhappy older, single women are.  Just browse around some of the gay female magazine sites, or hell, even MSN.  I see stories all the time, “single 40-year-old wishes she had settled,” “unhappy bitch with no children wants to get knocked up,” etc.

When’s the last time you saw a story that said, “I hate my children, and wish I hadn’t gotten married and had them, that way I could be an eternal bachlorette!!!!”

Exactly.  Biology at its finest.

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