Need a date idea? Laser tag.

Last night, I took a girl laser tagging for a date.  Now, I’ve been seeing this girl for several months and it was something we had been wanting to do for a while due to our mutual like of Barney Stinson playing laser tag on How I Met Your Mother.  Needless to say it was a *smashing* success.  It’s 11am and I just got home.  Balls drained, and I’m now going into this weekend with a killer attitude.  However, this isn’t the first time I’ve used laser tag as a date.  I’ve used it on first dates to great success.  I’m going to break down why it can be effective.

Suit up, player.

It’s just fun.

How could it not be?  You get to run around shooting people with lasers, capturing bases, shooting aliens, and, if you’re really good, you occasionally get the pleasure of knocking children over.  There are few things in life more gratifying than running over a poor little schmuck.

It’s cheap.

Regardless of how shitty she is as a date, you’re going to have fun.  Most places are probably $5-10/person for a 15 minute game.  Afterwards, you can walk and get a quick bite to eat.  There are certainly cheaper alternatives out there, but laser tag and some nachos is far cheaper than a dinner at your local steakhouse.

It can be a workout.

Assuming you play like the killer I do, you and your date will be running around and breaking up a sweat.  Think about other dates that are physically active: riding bikes on the boardwalk, walking dogs, hell, I’ve even had success bringing a football and playing catch at a park.  The point is that the running around will release endorphins, which make her feel good.  Naturally then, she associates good feelings with you.  Not to mention, if she gets a little sweaty, I for one find that a little hot.

The opportunity for panty-moistening kino is absurd.

For those of you not familiar with it, kino is basically physical touch.  It was defined way back in  the Mystery Method in the mid-2000’s.  Granted, I was about 15 and didn’t read it until several years later, but the term is still thrown around a lot.  Urban dictionary defines kino as:

Initiating physical contact with a girl, in order to induce sexual vibes and get the girl in the mood. Often used together with NLP as a powerful combination in seducing a girl. By doing kino, one also demonstrates his high alpha values and let’s the girl know he is a sexual creature.

Kino opportunities with laser tag:

  • If people are chasing you, push her in the back and force her forwards.
  • If she’s going around a corner, about to be shot, grab her and pull her backwards to you.
  • Throw her under the bus and use her as cover.  I’ve literally grabbed them and used them as a shield while I continued shooting.
  • If you’re bold, when you’re both alone in a dark corner, throw her up against the wall and make out with her.  Bonus points if you put your hand around her neck…maybe even press your gun into her.  Disclaimer: I haven’t tried the last part about the gun.  Proceed with caution.

The best part about all of these?  They are alpha and dominant.  You’ll literally be forcing her around like a rag doll.  This sets the expectations that you will do the same in bed.

You can teach her something.

LaidNYC has a great post about this.  To quote him:

Girls love to be guided by someone who knows what they are doing.
You’ll bond over the shared experience.
She’ll love recognizing your status over her.
She’ll tingle by submitting to your instruction.
She’ll get good vibes and feel good as she improves.
You’ll display yourself as a man with power over his environment.

Assuming you’ve played laser tag once before, it’s likely that you’re more skilled than she’ll ever be at it.  While you may not be a laser tag professional, simply order her around, tell her where to go, where to shoot, and you’re well on the way towards the steps that he outlines in that post.  It doesn’t matter that it’s a worthless skill, it’s all about the atmosphere you lay out and guide her through.

Suit up, grab your lasers, and get out there.


3 responses to “Need a date idea? Laser tag.

  1. “Throw her under the bus and use her as cover. I’ve literally grabbed them and used them as a shield while I continued shooting.”

    Girl: “Hey what the hell?!”
    You: “Chivalry is dead, deal wit it.”

    As a dude who does airsoft, laser tag is the next best thing. Best of all, those point shooting skills carry over, so you get to look like a boss.

    I’ve been meaning to do a laser tag date, just haven’t gotten around to it.

    • Brilliant. It’s pretty cheap to rent airsoft or play paintball. Maybe not something I would do as a first date, but that’s definitely got some potential.

      Thanks for the comment, bro!

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