Field Report: The Girl From Serbia

DISCLAIMER: I’m writing a post about a girl I didn’t have sex with, so I must be impressed.

Reading blogs like Maverick’s or Roosh’s doesn’t help my cause for living in America.  From what I’ve heard from their blogs, as well as countless other Manosphere articles, America is not the place to find a really sweet, feminine, and sexy girl.  Hell, plenty of my adventures over the last several months have proved exactly that.

Tonight proved it even further.  I met up with a cute blonde Serbian chick who I met on this silly app called “Skout.”  Maybe I’ll start taking it a more seriously now that I’ve met her.  Anyways, this app contains no information besides photos.  She gave me her number after a few witty messages back and forth, and she drops a “hella.”  I open the texting string with:

Black girl from Serbia.  This is a first.

From here it’s off to the races.  She’s sassy, but in a fun way; though I can tell America has definitely rubbed off on her (she’s been here 10+ years).  We agree to a date on Sunday.  Around 3pm on Sunday she tells me she’s stuck at work and won’t be able to make it out that night.  She asks what day I could do this week.  I’m okay with this – this is what I call a “good flake.”  She gave me decent notice, apologized, gave a valid excuse, and asked for a reschedule.  I’m willing to do this, so I slot her in for Thursday night.  I tell her to meet me wearing a skirt or dress at 7:30pm at a bar in the college area near the beach.

At 7:18 I get a text saying, “I’ll be leaving work in a few mins and then I’ll be on my way.”  No bother.  I walk into another bar and chat with the cute bartender and have a couple of beers. At 7:50, she lets me know she’s arrived. I let my date get to the bar we’re supposed to meet at and I let her wait there by herself for a few minutes.  She asks where I was and I tell her I was busy drinking and flirting with the cute bartender down the block.  We order drinks, and sit down.  The game begins.

Similar facial complexion, but one point below this and with blonde hair.

Similar facial complexion, but one point below this and with blonde hair.

From the start, despite this being her first online/”app” date, she’s extremely talkative and friendly.  Eyes light up about work…so she’s typical in that regard.  Tells me how she’s been working 70+ hours a week and has no life outside of work.  Depressing.  She makes $56,000 a year working probably on average 60 hours a week.  Depressing.  That’s not even $18/hour.  So after taxes you figure she makes $12-13/hour.  As an accountant.  Geez, maybe these degree things are kinda being over saturated into the market…ya think?

Despite the fact that she talks a lot, and talks fast, I find her quite pleasant to be around.  I make fun of her for talking too fast, and she admits no one can keep up with her.  I talk relatively fast myself, so I have no issue doing so and our conversation tends to keep a fast pace throughout the date.  I joke about how I’m “sooooooo” nervous to be on the date, and how I’m shaking in my boots about the thought of holding hands with her.  She has a generally good mindset towards the stupidity of feminism, and how so many guys these days are pussies.  I casually drop that I write this blog and write a column for a men’s lifestyle/dating website.  She pries for more; she wants the website as well as my last name to look me up.  Obviously, I give her neither.  It’s hard to describe, but we honestly just clicked faster than I usually do with American girls.  There was no bullshit, we just had fun, laughed, and built rapport.  I run my usual first date questions game routine and find out that she’s relatively chaste.

She has to go back to work (and not get paid overtime for it), so we bounce out about an hour and a half later at 9:30.  I grab her hand as we leave the bar and continue to bust on how nervous and scared I am.  I go for the kiss.  She relents, but allows a quick kiss on the lips.  She won’t do it again though.  I make her kiss me on the cheek multiple times before she gets into her car and drives away.  So, the lesson to be learned from it…

I need to go to Europe.

Despite the fact she’s been in America for over ten years, I could see the things detailed by previous bloggers; girls from other cultures can be more pleasant and easier to connect with.  This girl had clearly had American culture rubbed off on her (and no accent…such a shame), but she clearly still had some good qualities from Europe within her.  She also has only been in San Diego for four months, so I have little to no doubt that could change over time too.  Now, I’m too fresh off my recent oneitis to be dumb enough to fall into that trap again.  However, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing her again and seeing how much my aggressive, yet non-asshole game can work on her.

This also gives me hope.  I am in the tentative stages of planning a 10 day trip to Europe in the spring of next year.  The money is nearly ready…it’s just a matter of picking the days out and booking my flight.  Dates like these make me excited about the possibilities.

UPDATE: She texted me last night two hours after our date ended.  In typical fashion, I haven’t responded yet.  Whoops 😉

3 responses to “Field Report: The Girl From Serbia

  1. 10 days is nowhere near enough lol. I did close to that amount in Japan and was so overwhelmed that it flew by. As for American girls… Tainted and any woman thats been here long enough also becomes tainted. Why? because her friends are going to influence too much of her life.

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