Review of Dominate By David De Las Morenas

Never had I thought a red pill centric book would include many extremely well researched history lessons, used as a stepping stone to teaching men how to succeed in various aspects in life.  Nor would I ever have suspected that I would find these historical teachings fascinating and extremely applicable to getting ahead in life.

Enter David, or my colleague Jefe on ROK.  I have to be frank, I really had no idea who David was, and had never looked at his website, prior to him reaching out to me with a copy of Dominate.  I’m glad he did.

Dominate takes historical stories of well-known figures (JFK, Jackie Robinson, etc) and then sets a rule down pertaining to their stories.  This is then followed up by a personal story by David himself, in which he faced similar circumstances.  At the end of each chapter (nineteen in total), he forces the readers to acknowledge questions about themselves, and where they stand in life in conjunction to the rule of the chapter.

The book tackles a large range of topics – death, fears, goals, and being the best man you could be.  I strongly recommend following David’s guidelines at the beginning of the book and sorting out just a couple of goals at a time, as opposed to trying to tackle the entire range of goals the book lays out.  This will be so overwhelming, the vast majority of men will simply be discouraged.

I think the one gripe I have with the book is that it doesn’t hold the reader accountable once they close the final page.  For example, when discussing fear:

First, ask “what’s keeping me from moving forward in this direction?” and identify your fears.

Then ask “why is this keeping me from moving forward?” and understand their causes.

Then ask “what is the worst possible outcome if I move forward anyway?” and accept this possibility.

Finally, move forward in spite of the fear.  Use this simple 4-step process and begin to conquer fear after
fear, and dominate life.

While he lays down actionable steps, my gut feeling is that most men will read this, think, “Yeah, that sounds good!”, and then cast the book aside for the foreseeable future.

Now, this is not a fault of David’s, because most men are simply not strong enough to hold themselves accountable.  But, I couldn’t help but think that he was missing out on a certain niche market, if he were to build a sort of accountability program alongside this book – a la 30 Days of Discipline or something of the like.

If he decides to go that route and it goes big, I expect a cut of the commission.

The book overall is a quick, easy read, and provides very clear and concise lessons, leading to actionable steps for any normal man to pick this up and begin to dominate at his own life.  If you want to start turning your life around, or are looking to polish up a few areas in need, I’d highly recommend you read Dominate as a starting point towards reaching your goals.

To buy Dominate, click here.

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