Trouble’s Travels Volume V: The Wroclaw Dash

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From Volume IV:

We had a bus to catch at 3:40am to make it to our 6:10am flight, and I figured I’d catch an hour of sleep before we had to head out.

As I walked back to our apartment, I happened to take my phone out of my pocket.  I notice that it says 3:15am, not 2:15am.  I thought that was a little odd, but rationalized that maybe I’d forgotten to wind my watch that morning.  Then I realized though, that they were exactly an hour apartment, and my watch was still spinning as normal – not a coincidence.  Slightly panicked at this point, I sprinted the last two blocks to the apartment and dashed up the stairs.  I logged onto the WiFi and tried to call and text Lucky – to no avail.  He had no service.

To recap: it was about 3:25am, I have no way to reach him without going back to the club, the last bus of the night to the airport is a mere fifteen minutes away.

And Lucky is nowhere to be seen.

I was torn.

Part of me knew that I had no chance of making that plane if I run back to the club.  At the same time, I didn’t want to abandon Lucky, and part of me thought I have no chance of making the plane without having Lucky to help find the bus.  I decided to channel my former endurance athletic ability and make a run back to Insomnia to fetch Lucky.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to run far, because about 100 yards out of our apartment I ran into him.

Apparently, daylight savings time in Europe is a few weeks behind the American time change.  We ran back up to the apartment, gathered our things, and threw our keys in the mailbox of the apartment owner.  Then began our completely mad dash through the streets of Wroclaw in the dead of night.  There were still plenty of people out and about, and they looked at us in a strange way – the two travelers dressed in blazers, dress shoes, and me lugging a heavy suitcase in a dead-on sprint.  I have no idea how far we ran, but we made it to the bus stop with about a minute to spare.

The bus showed up on time, we piled on, and were on our way.  There was little more to do than laugh at this point.  While I was dead exhausted from pulling an all nighter, and my feet ached from sprinting in my dress shoes, I couldn’t help but smile.

Girls may come and go, materialistic items may only provide temporary satisfaction, and even all good things must come to an end eventually. But even if we had missed night bus 249 to Wroclaw Airport, I wouldn’t have cared.  I knew this was one of those memories that would stick with me for a long time.

When I look back at this trip, this is one of the stories I will always tell.

Check back tomorrow to hear about how we didn’t need to actually make that bus, and meeting YouSoWould in London.

P.S. – A final follow up on the elusive Alpha Dwarf…alas, we never really found him.  There were lots of dwarves, but none that really screamed alpha.  But, one of the favorite pictures I took on this entire trip is below.  It was taken on the last night in Poland.  The two dwarves are helping each other move a large boulder.

And really, I can’t think of a better photo to sum up the time I had with the Lucky Lothario,  When we first met in San Diego last year, I never would have imagined I would be running around with him and stirring up shenanigans thousands of miles away from my home in the small town of Wroclaw, Poland.  In truth, I had some of the most fun of my entire trip in Poland, and I attribute a lot of that to him. 

So thanks, Lucky.  Thank you for giving me such a fantastic introduction to Europe, and getting me started off on the right foot on my travels.  I look forward to the next time we get to cause trouble again, together.

P.P.S. – I’m sorry if this sounded really gay.


Teamwork. Brother. Friendship. Wingman.


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  3. Shit sounded like a shit ton of fun in Poland. Will have to visit someday. I really love these blog post stories of your travels.

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