Trouble’s Travels Volume VI: “I-So-Would” Go To London

Previously in my series of posts about my Europe ’14 trip:

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  2. Volume I: Getting To Poland – 30 Hours Of Delays, Kissing-Ass, And Getting Drunk In Airports
  3. Volume II: The First Night In Poland, Selling Strip Club Tickets
  4. Volume III: Getting Yadstopped
  5. Volume IV: Where Is Alpha Dwarf?
  6. Volume V: The Wroclaw Dash

In Volume V, we left off when Lucky and I had just made it to the airport on time for our flight.  Unfortunately though, our flight wasn’t on time.  Fog in Wroclaw meant that we ended up leaving three hours past our expected time.  Visibility was something like 50 meters.  We proceeded to spend these three hours playing with plastic bugs with a group of five year olds.  I kid you not.  Proof is below.



Yeah, this happened.

Yeah, this happened.

Finally, about noon, we made it to London.  After being interrogated by the immigration officer, we hopped on a bus and headed to King’s Cross station.  I was incredibly impressed with the tube in London – the amount of people London supports, and the speed at which you can get around, is remarkable.  I was staying out in Kensington, which is depicted in the picture below:

london map

Kensington, London

The AirBNB apartment I booked was with two girls, whom, from the pictures, I judged to be mid to late 20s.  I thought they might be fun to hang out with.  Nope, turns out they were 40+ lesbians, one of whom had the most disgusting butch haircuts I had ever seen in my life.  So, no threesomes to report, in any case.  Once I grabbed a quick shower, we continued hustling to meet our date with another fellow blogger, YouSoWould.

Honestly, one of the cooler guys in what seems to be rapidly-deteriorating Manosphere, and one whom I can still learn a lot from.  He subscribes to a similar mindset when it comes to women, namely that you are far better improving many aspects of your life and building yourself into awesome-ness, as opposed to running around Oxford Circus like a dancing monkey hitting on women.

Oh, speaking of that, when I stepped out of the tube at Oxford Circus for the first time, I immediately recognized the area for being where 90% of daygame pickup videos seem to be filmed.



After enjoying a couple of delicious cappuccinos, some of the best cake I’ve ever had, and a couple of beers, it was time to say goodbye to my two friends.  I already had my gay sappy goodbye to Lucky, so I’ll pass on this.  But to YouSoWould – it was a pleasure to have your company, and I greatly appreciate all of the advice and tips you’ve given me about escaping the workforce.

After the all-nighter we pulled in Volume V, I called it an early night for my first night in London.  I was beat, and was passed out in the lesbians spare room by 8:00pm.

Tomorrow’s post involves the beautiful sights of London, and me sending two 18 year English lads off with a pair of French sisters at the end of the night.

12 responses to “Trouble’s Travels Volume VI: “I-So-Would” Go To London

  1. Hey pal, only just seen this. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, your intelligence and mature approach to life belies your youth.

    Good luck with escaping the cubicle. Make sure to milk it for all its worth in the meantime however, doing your own stuff on your employer’s dime 😉

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