I Change Lives

A reader wrote me:

Started reading your blog recently after I broke up with my girlfriend (for some reason other guys say “wow” because I broke up with her because they said its usually the girls that do it?) and you remind me a lot of myself. I’m in the process of transitioning to software engineer at my work, working on a business on the side, and really enjoyed college (graduated ~2 years ago). I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff and really can’t wait to get out there again.
However, I HAD a fear of success.
I wrote this super long email bitching about my overbearing mom, deadbeat biological father, lazy (step)dad, and how many girls (especially my ex) are spoiled brats and that they are the cause of all my problems. After about 5 paragraphs, I was going to write out what my actual fear was. I was going to write this – “My fear is that when a girl likes me, since I am in a terrible financial situation at the moment because of student loans and can’t afford a car, girls will resent it and not want to be with me”. I stopped at “My fear is that when a girl likes me”, paused, chuckled, and erased those stupid paragraphs because it hit me.
Any girl is lucky to have me because I am the fucking man – a hard worker, ambitious, charming, good looking, independent, ambitious, funny as shit. Yes I said ambitious twice. That’s just how ambitious I am. Lol can’t believe I almost sent you all that other shit haha. After I started to write out that fear, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.
Thanks, I just needed to write it out apparently.
To those that tell me I’m a misogynistic, misguided, and poor soul – you can kindly go fuck yourselves.
My writing just helps people beat the system.

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