Looking For Trouble?

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For all other inquires that a can’t be contained in a 140 character tweet/twat/twit to me, email me using the form below or at:

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If you do not want your email used in a blog post, please specify.

If you are a female and want advice, I strongly suggest sending a picture so I can advise accordingly.

If you live in the San Diego area and want to grab a beer or cause some trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

12 responses to “Looking For Trouble?

  1. You’re a horrifying person who’s full of misogynistic crap and who will most likely never get a girlfriend no less a wife. Men like you are the reason woman have fewer rights and are constantly ridiculed for everything they do. We can do whatever we want and act/say/do whatever we want, so you can kindly fuck off and go back to being the little gym rat that I’m sure you are.
    You absolutely disgust me, filthy pig.

    • Unfortunately he’s perfectly likely get everything he wants in life, because our society praises and rewards misogynistic “nice guys” like this. Idiots like this aren’t worth our breath. Don’t bother yourself. Just sit back and smile because you are a strong and beautiful person, and you don’t have to justify yourself to a-holes like this anymore than myself or any other woman.

      • Oh my god that is laughable. I am a woman and if I condoned nastiness to people I’ve never met (like you seem to do, making such malicious, assumptive, sweeping generalizations about women everywhere) I’d have a thing or two to say. I’d certainly never PRAISE a man like you.

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  3. You make me soooo horny! I keep thinking about last night when you pounded my tight ass and swallowed every drop of my cum.

    I’ll never misjudge a twink with a small package ever again 😉

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  7. Hey Trouble,
    What kind of guitarist are you? What music style do you play/write?
    Favorite guitars/amps? bands you look up too, etc.? Can you shred?

    I play myself-
    Style: Prog Rock, write Alter Bridge moody, reflective yet aggressive music no ska or indie rock here.
    Gear:Mesa Boogie/PRS Custom 22/Daddarios 10 gauges
    Fav bands: Alter Bridge, Queensryche, Alice N’ Chains (Jerry Cantrell is one of my fav
    Shred: I can play Maiden and Metallica solos at will by ear-does that count?

    • Hey man, thanks for the comment.

      I play mostly acoustic – basic pop covers, as well as instrumental. Look up guys like Andy McKee and Preston Reed to see the style I’m talking about.

      I play a Taylor acoustic and have a couple Ibanez guitars, too. Not much of a shredder but I can rip off the occasional solo.

      I played a lot of open mics with a singer in college, but haven’t done anything live in about a year, when I played at a wedding.

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